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Station Building Progress 6/27/2018 0500z Update

The team made good progress in building out the operating facilities today. Island conditions are extremely hot, and difficult. Long work periods in the sun are challenging. All stations are now setup, and the computer network is just waiting for power. The team is taking a short break to escape the sun, with hopes of being QRV in the next 12 hrs.

June 26 0400z Update

Baker is brutal!

We arrived at Baker at sunrise at 5:30 AM local time. The advance team of Kevin K6TD, George, AA7JV., Don, N1DG, James 9V1YC and Allie FWS were on the island by 7:30 AM. The landing was not too bad but the island is an oven.  By 10 AM it was well over 100 degrees. The tide got too rough as well but the Nai’a crew got all the tents generators and emergency supplies with Mike, KN4EEI, Rick, N4HU, Arnie N6HC, and Tomi HA7RY, joining before the tide cut off access
This team put up the operating tents and storage tents you see in the pictures.
At 2 PM high tide allowed reinforcements to arrive with fresh energy, and the original landing team departed totally exhausted.  They are putting up the sleeping tents and moving radios antennas and generators to the storage and operating tents

By sunset, everyone will be off the island so we can rest up for day 2.  We have antennas radios and generators left to set up and the plan is to be QRV by sunset.
The pictures show tents and separation we were able to achieve.

Update June 25: Team Arrived At Baker

The team has now arrived off the coast of Baker Island! Preparations for landing are now underway. More information soon!


Update: Sunday June 24

As we enter Day 4 of our voyage, we are enjoying our last day at sea. We expect to be at Baker by dawn tomorrow. Today we start pulling the boxes out of the hold and organizing them according to when we want them landing on Baker. We are also filling our emergency water jugs (300 gallons) and loading fuel canisters.

We will also wash down all the antennas and shipping cases to protect Baker from outside contamination.

We have a full day of work so when we arrive tomorrow it’s all about the landing, building tents and setting up for the safety of the team. Time permitting (read: light) we will also start working on antennas.

Our original timetable was to be QRV by 05:00 UTC 27 June.  We think we will beat that by 24 hours.

We are all smiles and excited to be nearing our destination

Don and Kevin and the KH7Z team.

Update: Saturday 23 June

We are entering Day 4 of our voyage to Baker. We have moved to grid square AI25. With 600 nautical miles traveled, we have 345 NM to go. Our DeLorme Inreach beacon can be found on the Baker Island website ( and blog page (

We have been on the air on both CW and FT8 DXpedition mode.  A few calling have still not downloaded the latest WSJT-X software, or have not checked off the hound button.

The team is resting up in advance of the work we will have Monday setting up the camp.

Don, N1DG, and Kevin, K6TD aboard the NAI’A

Update: Friday 22 June

Friday 22 June:

The KH1/KH7Z team is now 1/3 of the way to Baker. At our current speed, we should arrive at Baker on the morning of June 25th. We have one station set up and are giving out grid squares along the way. At daybreak we passed by Tokelau. On 30 meters we were easily working into Europe

Everyone is resting up for the big event.  We are all in good health, with high spirits.

Don Greenbaum 


for the KH1/KH7Z Team

6/21/2018 2130z Update: At Sea

It is now 8:30 AM local time on 21st June aboard the NAIA. We have been underway for about 20 hours. We have been enjoying great weather. The NAIA has deployed her mainsail, which not only stabilized the vessel but added 1 knot to our speed. We have travelled 190 nautical miles so far.

We will unpack a radio later today and do some /MM. The crew is doing well resting up for the big event.

More updates tomorrow but you can follow our progress via the tracker on our website.

Don, N1DG, and Kevin, K6TD and the rest of the Baker Island Team

Update 2200z 6/20/2018: Leaving the dock!

Dated June 20, 2018

For Immediate Release:

The 2018 DXpedition to Baker Island is proud to announce that on 20 June around noon local time the team made an on-time departure for Baker Island.   We still plan on arriving on the 26th of June and immediately build the infrastructure for a safe and productive stay.

Please monitor our website for updates along the way.   We plan to activate several grid squares along the way too. We look forward to providing many ATNO contacts over the next few weeks. Links to our Garmin tracker and blog are available at


Thank you in advance for your support.

The Baker Island 2018 Team

The Whole Team Aboard NAI’A ready to head to Baker Island


6/20/2018 1300z Update

6/20/2018 1300z Update: The NAI’A reached the dock in Pago Pago yesterday and the whole team including our US Fish and Wildlife Service resource monitor, Allie is now onboard. Final preparations are underway for the vessel to depart Pago Pago for Baker in just a few hours.


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The NAI’A docked in Pago Pago.


6/19/2018 2000z Update

6/19/2018 2000z Update: The full team has now arrived in Pago Pago, American Samoa. The NAI’A, our vessel to take us to Baker Island has now passed the team hotel in Pago Pago, and should be docking shortly! Photos to come soon.